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The genius of the Twin flames mirror

The genius energetic twinflames mirror


I had to use that meme for this topic!

I am more and more seeing the perfect and very complex intrication of the Twinflame dynamic mirror into each twin's life. And every time I'm being given another perspective and explication of it by my higher guidance, whether in my own dynamic or in others, I always think of this meme series everyone has probably seen on Facebook or Instagram.


As one unique essence at our core, it is normal, and meant to, that we both carry the energetic imprints of our traumas and emotions, as well as our Soul strengths, gifts and abilities, in our energy field. These are actually encoded in our subtle bodies. And we have been and are manifesting them into our past realities and current reality.


This means that whatever situation we struggle with has an energetic match within our beloved partner as well. And most of the time, and this where this process gets genius, our soul partner will experience these energies in their life situations, karmic energies, or unresolved emotions as a reflection of some trauma we did experience ourselves.

As the human experience is not open to seeing the karma effect at play, humans need others to reflect at them the truth of the energy they are carrying subconsciously. This is true for all of us and our relationships in life. We often see our pains and unresolved situations only through the lens of the experiences other souls have agreed to help us face.


In a twinflame dynamic, we both carry the energetic imprints of what happened to our unique Soul essence. And one will mirror the painful energies the other one is still carrying and struggling to face. And of course these energies will be no stranger to any of them.

We can see the mirror effect at play when our ego points directly at our soul partner with blame and anger. There our Soul partner is actually merely manifesting a situation that we have been stuck in and enable to clear and free ourselves from. Sometimes because the source of the trauma lies in our personal story and they are helping us face it, other times because they also do struggle with it themselves.


When we see our Soul partner stuck into some old situation they cannot seem to free themselves from, and for which we feel resentful, angry and blaming, there is a great chance that we carry ourselves an unresolved trauma at the root of the same painful energy and our twinflame is actually mirroring this aspect of the energies we are carrying.


So every time we start blaming our beloved soul counterpart, we actually have the opportunity to heal something buried within us that we wouldn't have faced without our Twinflame's help in mirroring it.


The mirror effect is at play at so many levels. And it is a genius creation that always serves our higher healing, our soul healing. And the more we advance on this journey, the more we will be able to see the mirror in so many aspects.



The key is to remember that when we get triggered by our Soul partner's behavior, it means that we carry some unconscious painful energy that is resurfacing and in need of healing. The key is to understand how the situation that is triggering us can be found in our own personal experience and story. So that we find clues and solutions for healing them.


And as one unique energetic essence, when we heal our past wounds and shift our energy, it shifts our Soul partner's energy as well as this works at the soul level, at the core energetic level.


We are truly one essence experiencing this journey of incarnation. We are never energetically separated as we exist as only one essence. Hence what is experienced by one aspect of this essence is felt by the other aspect and carried as its own. And the negative energies will be manifesting themselves into both twins' lives until they're all cleared. Until what is mirrored in our lives is only created with Love and Light.


With love,


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