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Soul Clearing

Soul Clearing
60 min


Retrieve your own unique Power of Light and transform the difficulties and painful situations in your life

to radiate your divine sacred presence.

Learn to connect with your soul to access the infinite ressources of your precious essence and transform all aspects of your life.

Live in harmony and aligned to your Sacred essence and Soul mission



Connect with the great power of your Soul

    Open higher dimensions of your being to enhance your soul mission and self fulfilment

    Regain access to the infinite ressources of your soul to transform your life day after day

by having keys of understanding and healing essential to your spiritual growth


    Release your Soul challenges and burdens by learning how to integrate your Soul qualities,

gifts and spiritual power into your life on a daily basis


    Open your heart to the dimensions of Love and Light of your Soul, of your angelic team and

your higher spirit guides that are constantly assisting you and retrieve your inner peace


        Remove blocks, various obstructions, old survival patterns, old soul contracts and negative vows,

and negative interferences that are impacting your life and your personal abundance


    Welcome, open, receive and anchor the unique frequencies of Light dedicated to your Soul healing and spiritual transformation

    Discover how to access the precious infinite ressources of your Soul to assist your path of Light

and know joy, self fulfilment and abundance of your heart and soul on Earth


        See the video presentation here


  • Connexion to your deeper essence
  • Release of subconscious blocks, trapped energies and emotions
  • Self sabotages and other subconscious conflicts
  • Connexion and healing work at the inner child level
  • Release of ancestral and generational heritage
  • Inherited ancestral matrix and templates


  • Energetic negative cords and attachments
  • Realease of deep traumas and past-life residues
  • Curses, promises and impacting negative vows
  • Release of old soul contracts, outdated karmic chains
  • Karmic debts
  • Soul fragments


  • Akashic Records Field
  • Soul mission
  • Soul contracts
  • Soul's challenges, soul resistance and avoidance strategies
  • Implants


  • Opening of Soul's abundance portals
  • Harmonisation, purification and balancing of the chakra system, meridians, nadis
  • Body polarity and Inner Masculine / Feminine balancing
  • Divine Blueprint alignment
  • Complete energetic protection





This is a non exhaustive list of areas as an indication of what I am being called to work on in sessions. Each session is personal, unique and adjusted to the Soul unique needs.

This Soul clearing session is a complementary session to the Soul Portrait session which will allow primarily to identify the Soul strengths and weaknesses, its gifts and divine qualities as well as its mission.



Your picture :

Before our appointment, I will connect with your higher essence, through your picture that I will use as an energetic support, in order to access your akashic records and receive information about the subconscious blockages that you carry.


Send me a recent picture of yourself, preferably taken a few days before the session or during the booking of the session, and looking directly at the camera.


Your message :

Explain to me the reasons why you want a session. Write me about your situation, pains blockages and difficulties.

What focus do you want to put on the session ? What are your intentions for the session ?

Also, tell me in which country you live so that I can know your time zone in order to set a appointement accordingly.

Your session:

Distance sessions only


It’s a precious time for your soul. Choose a moment that is best suited for you, where you won’t be disturbed for the next 1 hour to 1.1/2 hours. And where you'll be able to rest after the session.


Sessions are done by distance. We meet by "audio meeting" via Zoom's free application. I will tell you what emerged from your akashic records reading and will proceed to the clearing and alignment to your energetic bodies as well as a powerful energetic alignment specific to Twin Flames. I'll then give you exercizes to do at home such as energetic meridian points to tap, affirmations to repeat, etc... to anchor the session.


The release and opening of energies can be felt during the session or the following hours and days. The energetic bodies will then recalibrate themselves to integrate new information.


If you have any question, please contact me at

If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please contact me at

Performed sessions are not refundable.

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