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About me



                                 I've always been passionately interested in seeking Higher Truth and transforming shadows into light. My learning first started with criminal psychology before naturally evolving to a more larger and spiritual understanding of the human being and his pain.

I wanted to go back to the deep root cause of our traumas, to the deep origin of our pains.

Understanding the deep blockages that prevent us from achieving our personal well being and self fulfilment.

Understanding our pain, learning about its original cause and deeper subconscious reasons at the root of these negative painful reccuring scenarios that we seem sometimes to be stuck into within our relationships, our work goals, our personal achievement, our spiritual expansion, etc...

So I've looked more into it and followed different energetic therapeutic courses and teachings over the years to integrate powerful psychological, emotional, energetic and spiritual freedom techniques.



  • I am trained in Emotional releasing (EFT, Tapping)
  • I am trained in Global Kinesiology
  • I am also trained in energetic laws and principles of Chinese medicine (meridians, 5 elements) and Ayurveda (chakras, nadis, kundalini)
  • I studied psychological therapy approaches such as healing of the inner child, transactional analysis, etc…
  • I am a certified Soul Mastery Spiritual Coach, trained in consultation and collaboration with the Akashic Records Field to assist the spiritual evolution and healing of Souls.



In the same time, my own spiritual ascension and awakening as a Twin Flame reconnected me with my deeper and higher divine being, aligning me with my personal life’s path and mission.

I reconnected with my Soul by reconnecting with my Twin Soul's essence.

My energetic body started to light up. My kundalini awakened and triggered a unique intense purification process desgined by my Soul.

My spiritual abilities and soul gifts began to reactivate, grow and expand continuously. 


As my energetic channel opened, I started to be much more sensitive and receptive to energy: mine, others, outer environment. And to have deeper connections to my soul and higher essence and others'. A long purification process then took place, allowing me to access in a continuous way deeper parts of my being and to purify all of those painful memories still stuck in separation consciousness and pain, in order to realign my essence in Unity and Peace and become again the powerful Soul of Light and Love that I am.

The reconnection with my Twin Flame and the unique spiritual initiation that took place for me allowed me to reconnect with the unique quality of my Soul, of this powerful Being of Light full of Love which brings me and pushes me each day to open myself up more and to make more and more room for my essence of Light in all aspects of my Life, by removing along the way old anchored survival patterns and by healing the traumas of my soul for my soul gifts to find their righteous place now here on Earth.

And it is now with great joy and honor that I am assisting other Souls all over the world in doing the same.


Intuitive multidimensional healer, I am clairsentient, empath and claircognizant.  I work in and with the Akashic Records Field to receive information about your soul, its unique power and strengths, but also its "weaknesses" and negative patterns held within your energetic field to help you find again the unique path of your Soul fulfilment in your life, aligned with your soul gifts and to your soul mission.  I work with your angelic clan, various High Beings of Light and your higher essence for your highest good and the higher good of all.

I also assist locations and sites to restore their highest vibrational rate and open portals of Light by permanently transmuting all negative imprints and presence from those locations.

All of these techniques and powerful tools combined with my personal higher guidance give me a larger perspective on the challenging situations we experience as advanced souls and allow me to be of a holistic assistance : energetic, psychological and spiritual for anyone seeking to be accompanied on their own personal Soul healing process.


My application field: the Soul portrait, soul gifts and divine qualities, soul expansion, past life traumas and residues, soul resistances and soul fragments, Twin Flames and Soul connections, inner child wounds, ancestral templates and burdens, self sabotages and unconscious programming, soul contracts, chains and energetic cords, implants, curses and old vows,  reconnexion and realignment with deeper essence, divine Feminine and divine Masculine, Spiritual awakenings, Ascension process, Soul alignment, Location and properties clearing, etc…


My goal is to accompany you on your own spiritual evolution and Soul healing journey by helping you reconnect with your essence of Light, its gifts and power for your to integrate your higher dimension of Light in all aspects of your life and open portals of abundance unique to your Soul fulfilment.


  • Freeing ourselves from past, ancestral and individual memories carried in our bodies in order to be fully and consciously in charge of our life, in alignment with our personal path.
  • Lightening and energizing our energetic system in order to find our own personal power back
  • Being at peace by reconciling aspects of ourselves with compassion,  peace and light
  • Knowing our Soul origins and healing our deepest traumas to retrieve peace, trust and freedom
  • Reconnecting to our Higher Essence in alignment with our Soul purpose and gifts and radiating our sacred divine presence in all aspects of our life



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“We are the stars wrapped in skin,
the light you are seeking has always been within”