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Our soul

We are all above all Souls, Beings of Light born from the same source of Light of all that exists everywhere, eternally.

The history of each soul, of each essence of Light is stored within the Universal Akashic Records.


The Akashic Records form a sort of library, an etherical and energetic database that compiles all the energetic activities of each soul, for all times.

Each incarnation, each trauma, each vibration, each energy is stored within these etherical records.


And through the reading of our akashic records, we can learn about our own soul's history. We can access valuable information for our own spiritual growth, evolution and healing and we can learn how to transform our main challenges into soul empowerment to live a life with deep purpose and heart fulfillment.


Our energetic body

Our being is entirely Energy, like every single living organism in the Universe. It is made of a physical body whose energy is dense and vibrates at a low rate and energetic bodies whose energy is fluid and vibrates at a high speed rate. Each body vibrates at a particular frequency, corresponding to the information it carries.

By working on the subtle bodies, we can access information, particularly the ones that are creating energetic dissonance. This dissonance emits a particular vibration that, according to the universal physical Law of Attraction, attracts a matching vibration. “Like attracts like”. Thus, we attract what our energetic body carries and emits. And most of time, we are not aware of it.

Releasing those dissonances will impact our entire energetic system, from the physical to the spiritual body, from the spiritual to the physical body, allowing us to be delivered and free and no longer blindly driven by old subconscious programming. This allows us to redefine what we really want to attract in our lives.


Subtle bodies

Energetic blocks and blockages

We all carry unconscious parts of ourselves that are unresolved, crying, buried and often very painful. Regardless of their origin: early childhood, ancestral heritage, past lives issues, negative patterns and other soul wounds, they all express the same thing: a pain non heard, an event not understood.

These pains emit a vibration in our energetic bodies that they impact on several degrees and levels. And they will manifest in terms of diseases (physical body), depression, despair, dark thoughts or other emotional distress (emotional and mental bodies), endless repetition of same life’s scenarios, feeling stuck and alone on self path, resistance to fulfill one's mission (spiritual body), etc…

We also carry in our energetic system baggage and other burdens that are not our own and that really need to be released from our system.

The release of all those blockages is thus essential in order to regain inner peace. To be at peace with our past, but more importantly, to be at peace with ourselves by reconciling and healing each broken part of ourselves so that we can restore our full inner strength, our own inner power and expand our full potential to live our Soul mission and purpose with peace and grace.

releasing blockages


My approach

My approach is aimed to help you reconnect with your soul, by activating your soul gifts and natural divine qualities and to help you release these unconscious parts of yourself, those past memories that are preventing you from achieving your deep self fulfilment. My goal is to help you realign with your Soul's richness and personal Soul path.

I work multi-dimensionnally in collaboration with your guides and your higher self to offer you a deep intuitive healing method for your highest interest. I work with your akashic soul records, which store your Soul's experiences of incarnation, to read the information of your soul and to help you remove the negative energetic charges still active that create these painful situations and to align you to the wonderful power of your soul, to its gifts and qualities.

My healing sessions are complementary to medical treatments and can not substitute for medical consultation.



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“ The desire to know your own soul will end all other desires”