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Twin Flames Healing session

Twin Flames Healing
60 min


You are on the sacred Twin Flames ascension journey and you want to be accompanied on your own personal healing process.

Learn what is currently negatively playing out within your Twin Flame connection and how to transform it to help your own Union path to be lifted up and accelerated.


Please note that the session is not to confirm the Twin Flame "status", nor to confirm the Twin flame bond with a person.

This session is only for people already well engaged in their own Twin Flame spiritual journey and own ascension process.


During the session I will give you a Soul perspective on your current situation, difficulties or painful experience within your Twin Flame connection to help you understand your unique Soul journey and moving forward with more ease on your own Union path.


We will be working on releasing past attachments to trauma (past life trauma, inner child wounding, Twin Flame karmic pattern, Twin Flame core wouding, etc..), on releasing negative contracts or vows that are impacting your current Union for the connection between your two aspects of Soul to flow again in peace and Love and help you move forward on your unique Union journey.

We will also be working on realigning you to your Soul purpose, reconnecting with your Soul great power and Light.


This session is recommended to be paired with a Soul Portrait session where you will be receiving precious information regarding your unique Soul of Light, its greatest gifts and qualities but also the biggest challenges and resistances your Soul is in great desire to heal and release.


See the video presentation here



  • Connexion to your deeper essence
  • Release of subconscious blocks, trapped energies and emotions
  • Connexion and healing work at the inner child level
  • Self sabotages and other subconscious conflicts
  • Release of ancestral and generational heritage
  • Inherited ancestral matrix and templates


  • Akashic's Records connexion
  • Past-life traumas and residues
  • Twin Flames specific karma
  • Obstacles to reunion
  • Curses, promises and impacting negative vows
  • Outdated karmic chains
  • Karmic debts



  • Soul Fragments
  • Outdated soul contracts
  • Soul's challenges, soul resistance and avoidance strategies
  • Blueprint alignment, soul's mission
  • Galactic connexions


  • Energetic cords, attachments, interferences
  • Various obstructions, negative energies
  • Purification, harmonization, balancing and upgrade of the chakra system, meridians, nadis and energetic bodies
  • Specific Twin Flames realignment
  • Complete energetic protection
  • And more…

This is a non exhaustive list of areas I can be working on during sessions. Each session is unique and personal.

This multi-dimensional Soul healing session is meant to help reconnect, heal and release blocks between the Twin Flames' pair and on an individual level (karmic blocks, various obstructions, soul resistance, self sabotages, etc..).




Your photo :

Before our meeting, I will connect with your higher essence, through your picture that I will use as an energetic support, in order to access your akashic records and receive information about the subconscious blockages that your Soul is carrying.


Send me a recent picture of yourself, preferably taken a few days before the session or during the booking of the session, and looking directly at the camera.


Your message :

Explain to me the reasons why you want a session. Write me about your situation, pains blockages and difficulties.

What focus do you want to put on the session ? What are your intentions for the session ?

Also, tell me in which country you live so that I may know your time zone and set a session time accordingly.

Your session :

Distance session only.


It’s a precious time for your soul. Choose a moment that is best suited for you, where you won’t be disturbed for the next 1 hour to 1.1/2 hours. And where you'll be able to rest after the session.


Sessions are done by distance only. We meet by "audio meeting" through ZOOM. (no video to put both of our focus on your subtle bodies and inner sensations)

I will report to you what emerged from your akashic records reading and we will proceed to the clearing and realignment of your energetic bodies as well as opening your receivers for your soul's frequency to come in.


The release of energies can be felt during the session or in the following hours and days. The energetic bodies will then recalibrate themselves to integrate new information.


If you have any question, please contact me at

If you need to cancel or reschedule the appointment, please contact me at

Performed sessions are not refundable

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