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I've done the TF healing session with Claire and it was amazing because I've felt all that she told me resonating deeply within me and also because it was something that we have talked about with my TF. When we were in the healing part of the session, I felt so great that I wanted to stay in that well-being.

Since the session, I feel at peace and serene.

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Uma, London

A few words to show my gratitude for Claire to be in my life, and whatever I say will not be enough. This is what comes from my heart :)

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Mélanie, France

I benefited from Claire's work twice on my TF journey where I was starting to feel pushed against a way wall too high and inpenetrable to keep doing this on my own. I was used to walk this journey alone since putting my own story in the hands of someone's else was taking a risk to add an ego vision from someone else who wouldn't necessarily understand the subtleties and... Read more

Christian, New Caledonia

Claire gave another dimension to my current incarnation by reconnecting me to the very essence of my Soul.

She brought new perspectives to my path.

Knowing where we come from, acknowledging our strengths and weaknesses is a major asset to truly know oneself and a precious guide to keep the work going.

I felt the effects of my reconnection the very next... Read more


A few weeks back I asked the universe for some support for a blockage I experienced on my twin flame journey. And shortly after I found Claire and her work as a response. I faced a subconscious block that I could not really grab and release on my own as I did it with other blocks to heal before. This time it just didn't work, the emotional pain I experienced seemed to go... Read more


Energyclaire is a name aligned to Claire's sessions.

Everything is fluid, well explained, caring and done with love.


I highly recommend !


Gaelle - France

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Landed on Claire's website, I immediately felt a calling to which  I answered by asking to receivre a Soul healing session. I was feeling that something deep was hindering my evolution since always. Indeed a Soul trauma from a past life was preventing me from being in love. Despite a huge amount of self work, somehting was not fluid. The healing session was a big liberation... Read more

Arzu - Germany

Nothing in life happens by accident. I´m so happy that I found Claire. I just knew she was the right contact person for me. I was stuck in my twinflame journey. I was struggling to understand what is happening inside me, all those signals, irritating feelings. I was desperately trying to find answers for my weird situation.

During the twinflame session Claire helped... Read more

Alexandre - France

I did a Twin Flames healing session and I want to thank Claire who really did an amazing work on a subconscious block (or at least that I was afraid to acknowledge) and that was preventing me from being really in alignment with myself...


Once the information acknowledged and the emotions released, Claire explained to me what was necessary for me to do and... Read more

DD - France

I went to Claire for a Twin Flames healing. A healing session of a great power, intensity and depth.

The healing is complete, structured and conducted with a great gentleness and benevolence.

The audio recording sent allows us to listen again to the session quietly and undertand it in different ways. It is extremely moving and emotionnally intense as well as... Read more