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Mélanie, France

I benefited from Claire's work twice on my TF journey where I was starting to feel pushed against a way wall too high and inpenetrable to keep doing this on my own. I was used to walk this journey alone since putting my own story in the hands of someone's else was taking a risk to add an ego vision from someone else who wouldn't necessarily understand the subtleties and sacredness of the connection of each unique TF couple.
Her page just "appeared" by chance and I'm glad to be lucky to find a person with such a quality of support. Her energy readings are incredibly relevant, right but also kind. There are no judgments, no personal interpretation from her. It's like she was the messenger of our Soul, it's like listening to ourselves but from her soft and conforting voice. Claire doesn't want anything for us but walks with us in the direction our soul truly wants to follow.
Each time, the benefits of the session were tangible after a few hours and got integrated in the following weeks. My twin flame relationship took a giant leap forward after each session.


Melanie, France

Monday 06 February 2023 0:00