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Landed on Claire's website, I immediately felt a calling to which  I answered by asking to receivre a Soul healing session. I was feeling that something deep was hindering my evolution since always. Indeed a Soul trauma from a past life was preventing me from being in love. Despite a huge amount of self work, somehting was not fluid. The healing session was a big liberation. I feel much better now and the session had impacts on every areas of my life. My heart is now wide open. It was pretty closed despite years of meditation. Now  I have more energy. I feel relieved. I vibrate something else. I sleep better. I feel better. My perceptions are more thin and acurate as my intuition and my sense of connection to Life. My compulsive eating just disappeared overnight. Such a deep liberation. I wasn't expecting this session to be so efficient.

Claire is very professional. She was able to identify what was blocking and thanks to many tools and exercizes, she allowed me to release it and gave me tools to work on after the session.


Adrien - France

Friday 17 July 2020 0:00