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Customer reviews

Celine and Matthieu - France

 Very beautiful first experience with Claire. I am a Twin Flame reconnected with my twin since 2014 (never been in a relationship as couple but very very close in the 3d). We were at a moment of our story where things needed to change. We had some blockage that was ruining our life, I mean I had a blockage and Claire intervened at our request. She found out what is was and... Read more

NF - France

A big thank you for this healing session that allowed me to understand some of the blockages and wounds I carried. I felt a deep feeling of lightness and relief in the afternoon following the session as if a huge weight had been lifted off my chest.

It will help me to move forward and to think about life differently.


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Chantal - France

A big thank you for the seriousness and depth of the work you did on this session,  on very old memories (root, karmic). During the healing, I had the vision of a veil ripping in front of me. A symbol ! I was very moved by your audio, lots of emotions came up and it was very freeing. I am at peace. I found strength, serenity and balance back and I feel more equipped to deal... Read more

Sabine - Belgium

A few weeks ago, I asked Claire to do a distant healing work on me. I was feeling terrible. Thanks to it, I realized a lot of things and it helped me find a sense of serenity and peace back that I never knew before.

I wanted to thank her for her kindness, benevolence and the positive things she passed on to me during the session.

I also liked receiving the... Read more

Delphine - France

It is with total trust and comfort that I let myself be guided by Claire during her soul healing.

Claire smoothly accesses to our Higher essence, to our subconscious blocks and wounds  that daily prevent our well being and expansion potential. The audio recording is also very powerful. With a lot of love, kindness and respect, Claire takes us to the deepest core of... Read more

Michel - France

Thank you so much for this very impressive session, you are a rare pearl ;)
It's a honor to know you.
During all the session,  I was bathing in an extremely soft energy. I feel much better since this session.

Claire is very professional and accompanies us in our journey.

I highly recommend and without any hesitation.

A big thank you... Read more

Edith - France

I recommend Claire for her quality and very comprehensive work! Fisrt, you don't have anything to do for the connection to work. You just have to stay relaxed and calm, taking a time for yourself.

As for Claire's feedbacks, I found them bluffing ! The conclusions she made along the session resonated and echoed in me! Her explanations are clear and obvious, her voice... Read more

Severine - France

I've called upon Claire twice: the first time for an energy healing work in which Claire felt things I didn't mention to her and that could have explained some of the blockages I had in me.

The second time in last february for a soul healing. This one more profound gave me the right keys to pursue my work on myself.

I highly recommend Claire and thank her... Read more