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Celine and Matthieu - France

 Very beautiful first experience with Claire. I am a Twin Flame reconnected with my twin since 2014 (never been in a relationship as couple but very very close in the 3d). We were at a moment of our story where things needed to change. We had some blockage that was ruining our life, I mean I had a blockage and Claire intervened at our request. She found out what is was and what a relief... Her work, the homework she gave me  already brought some relief within a week. My twin is now awakening. It stirs things up but it's really worthy. And things go faster for me too.

It has opened new horizons for us. Reunion or not, the path is beautiful and we decided to do it "together" with Claire's help that we look forward to meet again when the time comes.


Thanks a million Claire and thanks a million to the ones who put you on our road.


Celine and Matthieu

Friday 20 July 2018 0:00