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Uma, London

A few words to show my gratitude for Claire to be in my life, and whatever I say will not be enough. This is what comes from my heart :)

The most selfless thing we can do is to go within for our own self-realisation, that courage, our own ascension, benefiting us and all that in our reality. But this takes enormous courage, brutal honesty, yet epic voyage to a self- discovery. Sometimes you have no choice, as the universe will send endless catalysts to wake you up through your heart until you start paying attention. And at the same time, it will give you enormous support, encouragement that you can do this.

Claire has been that big support for me, helping me to my sacred union within, back to my trueself, showing me my blueprint in this life time. she is a true light worker, way shower, and I dont have enough words to express my gratitude for her wisdom and love.

Thank you Claire, for showing up in my journey! 

Uma London

Monday 06 February 2023 0:00