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A few weeks back I asked the universe for some support for a blockage I experienced on my twin flame journey. And shortly after I found Claire and her work as a response. I faced a subconscious block that I could not really grab and release on my own as I did it with other blocks to heal before. This time it just didn't work, the emotional pain I experienced seemed to go much deeper than what I could heal on my own, so I booked a twin flame healing session with Claire.

In the session she directly guided me to an experience in a past life that caused an extreme fear of abandonment and more intense negative feelings. The feeling that came up from her guiding me through this event was exactly what I was sensing as emotional block in the last weeks, so it resonated deeply. She helped me to work through it and release it. It was intense energy work and I needed to go on for a few more days to release additional related luggage and anchor the new healing sentences Claire gave me in our session.

After one week my whole emotional and energetic level was great again! I didn't feel the fear and emptiness that was there in the weeks before and I gained back my power completely. I can definitely recommend to work with her if you are stuck on your healing progress or if you need any kind of energetic and spiritual support on your soul’s journey!


Doris - Germany

Monday 29 March 2021 0:00