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Arzu - Germany

Nothing in life happens by accident. I´m so happy that I found Claire. I just knew she was the right contact person for me. I was stuck in my twinflame journey. I was struggling to understand what is happening inside me, all those signals, irritating feelings. I was desperately trying to find answers for my weird situation.

During the twinflame session Claire helped me to release my self-sabotage program preventing me to work on my mission and reasons preventing me to be in harmony with my twinflame partner again.

I´ve downloaded also her twinflame reconnection and healing meditation program. I´m tapping the sentences she gave me and listening to the meditation as often as I can. As long as I´m crying I will work with these beautiful tools because it means that the wounded parts of my soul are longing for more healing.

Starting my day with Claire´s beautiful voice gives me a lot of inner peace & harmony.


Arzu - Germany

Saturday 23 November 2019 0:00