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Starseeds are very advanced Souls who have experienced Life on other planets throughout their incarnation process and Soul evolution.

These souls have a long history of incarnation and therefore have extensive experience and great wisdom stored within their Soul that they have come to share now on Earth.

They often do incarnate at times of grand collective transformation to bring their help and share their precious knowledge.


They often feel called to serve as a guide or an example for people around them, as their wisdom and spiritual power can be unconsciously and subtly perceived by their entourage.

Starseeds are Souls with advanced spiritual gifts which allow them to maintain and raise their frequency of radiance, and to help our civilization move forward to the next step of its evolution.


Starseeds possess specific divine qualities inherent in the soul group to which they belong to that they have come to explore, increase, expand, master, share and make exist on Earth.


Starseeds live in this world, in which they have chosen to incarnate long time ago with the aim of fulfilling their own spiritual growth and to assist Planet Earth during its ascension process, but they are not from this world. Earth is not the first world of incarnation for these souls.


As such, they are very experienced and are here to extend their experience, knowledge and soul gifts on Earth.


The main difficulty for Starseeds is first to reconnect with their own soul, with their own world while maintaining a grounded incarnation on Earth. Many Starseeds are struggling with Life on earth and may have often experienced the desire and the need to escape this reality and leave the planet due to the challenging aspect of density. They do not recognize nor do they feel comfortable with the life expression in three dimensions as currently known now on the Planet that cannot truly satisfy them.


Starseeds often find themselves dreaming of another world, of another way of life, of another quality of Light, and may often feel lost on earth which does not provide for them this quality of incarnated spiritual experience that they know and cherish deep in themselves and whose memory stored in their soul will trigger, at a key moment of their existence, their spiritual awakening.


Once their spiritual awakening under way, and the reconnection to their true essence, with their world of origin and with their divine qualities and gifts made, these beings will then start to feel comfortable and find their own place on earth, consciously working towards their personal soul fulfillment and mission while relishing the physical and sensorial dimension of the human experience.


This is how Starseeds will learn to live better their incarnation by integrating their spiritual nature, their gifts, their Soul richness, their Soul knowledge and wisdom into their own human life to recreate that precious connection they thought lost.


As these souls start to find their way back to their higher connection and purpose, they will develop and increase their gifts and skills on an on-going basis that will be more and more integrated into their day-to-day life, therefore making their life an example of of another way of living life on earth.

A physical incarnated life aligned to its higher spiritual dimension, serving as a vessel for Higher Light and constantly guided by Sacred Divine Wisdom.


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