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Twin Souls Union is a new territory

Twin Souls Union is a new territory


The Twin Souls Union is a complete new territory that we are now entering.

We cannot bring the old ways there. We cannot use the same old patterns. We cannot act the same old way. We cannot do the same old actions and expect the same old results. We cannot hide. We cannot lie. We cannot pretend.

This is a new territory. A territory where only Love reigns. And what is not aligned with Love will not enter that new territory.

In order to enter it, reaching a certain level of, purification, cleansing and maturity in our energetic bodies and Light body is necessary.

We can only enter unguarded, pure, naked and authentic. Offering in total faith, surrender and abandonment our whole being. For this is the reign of the Heart. The reign of the Soul. The reign of True Love.

When one enters that realm, one remembers who he truly is. What he is made of. Pure Love. One remembers that he is in fact Love. No distinction. No frontier. No separation.

This realm can only be accessed through the very depth of the heart, where there is absolutely no barriers left. Where the vibration of fear can smply not exist.


That realm is not a dream. It is not a fantasy. It is very real. And it can only be experienced from within, through the higher heart.

This is Union. This is True Love. This is the perfect merging of Twin Souls' essence in the divine Love.


This is heaven.
And it can be felt at every moment, here on earth.




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