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Home and Properties clearing

Home and properties clearing



What if clearing your own home and living space was as important as clearing your energy field to feel good and radiant?

This specific home and properties clearing offers a deep clearing of your home, land, and/or work place or any other location you occupy regularly of any source of negative disruption impacting your well being and energy on a daily basis.

It is a full purification of the location, in depth and at all levels in order to transform your place into a space of peace and Light again.


By removing all negative energetic harmful and invisible, yet very real, interferences, your home and living space regains again a higher quality of vibration to allow you and your loved ones to live in peace and serenity inside your home.

By clearing your home and/or work place, you offer your being a renewed high vibrational space that supports and will benefit your Soul radiance and fulfilment.


Your home and living space are destined to be a sacred space for you, your family members and your pets. A haven of peace. A sanctuary of harmony, love and joy.


If your house is filled with old energies and negative influences, you will not feel comfortable and peaceful at home. If you work from home, you will not be as motivated and productive with negatives energies all over the place.

Sage and Palo Santo are very useful to clear the air and purify the energy of a room but they are not enough to release all the negative harmful interferences imprinted in a place and impacting its virbational quality. 


You do not need to be the owner of the place for it to cleared but just to occupy it on a regular basis.


This home and properties clearing is a deep energetic and vibrational clearing that works with your higher essence and the essence of the place in order to remove all negative energetic imprints, whether originating from this life or another, whether originating from this century or another, for you to create a space of harmony, energetically healthy in support of your Soul’s radiance within your own home.




  • You want to be sure that the energy within your home is filled with the highest light available and cleared from any negative interference harmful to your energy balance

  • You are sensitive and disturbed by the presence of spirits and entities (ghosts, earthbound spirits, energies of previous owners, etc…) either inside your building or around (neighborhood, nearby cemetery, etc…) and you have trouble sleeping

  • You’re having difficulty in selling your house or apartment

  • You just bought a new place and want to proceed to its full energetic clearing to make it a space of peace and light for you and your loved ones

  • Your store/business/shop suffers from a lack of attendance either due to the atmosphere or energy of the place or of the area




* This clearing is done remotely only. I work from my place to clear your place.

   * It can be done for any location, anywhere in the world

    * This clearing has no link to geobiology diagnostic nor with harmonization techniques like Feng Shui

    * Once the clearing is done, you will receive an email with an audio file from me addressing what has been found and released.




  • The full clearing and instant release of all negative energies, entities present at the place or impacting the place, of any time and plane of existence
  • The closing of all portals, openings and accesses to your property, house and land that hinder your comfort and well being inside the building
  • A permanent prohibition to all negative energies and entities to enter again your house and land and to bring any further disruption harmful to the natural Light balance of the place
  • A full energetic restoration of the place with opening of portals of abundance and Light to enhance your well being and Soul fulfilment
  • The clearing applies for your main home, secondary home and/or work place if needed within a quarter mile radius




      1. Fill up the online booking form indicating your full identity (First name, Last name, date and place of birth) and write down the exact adress and nature of the place(s) you want to receive the clearing for (land, building, house, apartment, work place, secondary residence, business premises, stores, etc...)

        Enter up to three addresses that you occupy daily or an regular basis and if needed, indicate briefly the main difficulties experienced in these places

        It can only be places that you occupy yourself personally. The clearing is done with your Soul permission, and is meant to remove any negative energy impacting YOUR personal soul radiance.

      2. Proceed to Home and Properties clearing payment.

      3. The clearing of your home will be done remotely.

      4. And once the clearing is done, you will receive by email an audio file from me adressing all that has been cleared, released and opened.