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The Twin Flames Push and Pull phenomenon

The Twin flames push and pull phenomenon


The "push and pull" refers to an energetic phenomenon that occurs in a twin flames dynamic.


The Soul energy is pulling together its two incarnated aspects like magnets. An incredible, unstoppable force is naturally drawing in the two Flames together, at least energetically. This is the "pull". Sometimes it is felt by one at the heart Chakra when the other is sending love vibes, other times it can be felt at the sacral Chakra when the sexual energy becomes stronger.


The Soul is literally calling in its two aspects to merge as one again. And this pull can be very intense and definitely leaves neither of two indifferent. The desire to be with the other becomes stronger if not vital. And the love energy deeply felt nurtures the heart and Soul and opens new connections into the higher heart Chakra. The heart Chakra starts to experience Soul orgasms as it feels the wholeness of its own higher essence.


On the other hand, the "push" can feel quite violent, painful and destructive. It often follows the pull. When the pull draws in the two aspects together, both flames immediately feel each other energetically strongly and whatever energy is still not aligned in love and light within them will instantly provoke the pushing away. This is an energetic process that explains why one suddenly becomes silent for instance. The pushing occurs when one feels the immediate and absolute need to push away from the other as the energies felt are so violent and disrupted that it is safer to pull away from the other. Like two magnets energetically repelling each other.


This modus operandi will happen many many  times until the energies get clearer and clearer in the connection. And it will intensify as the purification process accelerates.


We cannot escape the pull as it is orchestrated by the Soul whose strongest desire is to reunite and merge in oneness again.

We cannot escape the push as it is the mirroring of the unconscious energies that we carry at deeper levels and both need to heal.


Knowing this part of the Twin Flames dynamic can be very helpful to learn how to navigate our energetic dynamic. It is never a good time for sure to feel the strong push from our beloved and the energies that go with it that can really feel nauseous and very low sometimes. But it is necessary to understand that when it happens, it means that we are actually feeling deeper unaligned energies in need of healing. It is just a reflection of our unconscious unhealed energies.


Once these energies get aligned back in the Light, with love and compassion, then the pulling in will start again. And this won't stop until we can finally hold our energetic connection steady.


The key here is to try not to control this energetic process but to learn to ride with it.

Our Soul is always showing us the way. When it's time to pull in our energies, our Soul will draw us together energetically or physically. We will experience chakras merging and activate deeper parts of our Light body to fasten the merging process. We will anchor deep energies of love frequency into our heart Chakras that are absolutely needed on this dimensional earth plane to assist Gaïa's ascension. When it's time to pull away from each other, our Soul will show us what energies we are still unconsciously carrying that need our full attention to get healed and aligned.


The push and pull phenomenon is quite unique at this level of connection in a twin flames dynamic. Energies never lie, especially in a twin flame connection that constantly works as a mirror. Trying not to dwell in the pushing away phases by healing our misaligned energies, forgiving and always remaining understanding and compassionate is the key to bring harmony and love back into the connection.


The Soul knows what it's doing every step of the way. When we understand how this actually works, it gets easier to ride the waves of our own Twin Flames journey. And the Soul will always work to pull us back together where we truly belong.




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