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Twin Flames, a rare Sacred Connection


Twin Flames are spiritually very advanced souls who have incarnated on earth, eons ago, with the purpose of anchoring the pure frequencies of divine love and Light onto the earth plane.

They have chosen to integrate this earth plane as two "separate" polarities: one feminine and the other one masculine, but they are born from the same original divine monad, from the same original "divine egg". Twin Flames are two aspects of one single essence of Light who are journeying together throughout their earthly incarnation path.


Your Twin Flames' epic Love Story


Your love journey is eternal, magical, sublime, epic. You've always loved each other. Since you came from Love. Since you were created as one. You've loved each other in every ways, forms and shapes. In every incarnation. In every lifetime. In every reality. In every world. Whether you were both incarnated or not. Whether you found each other or not. You've always loved each other. Your love transcends time and space, dimensions and eras.


And here you are again creating another reality of your epic love story in this lifetime.



The Twin Flames Push and Pull phenomenon


The "push and pull" refers to an energetic phenomenon that occurs in a twin flames dynamic.


The Soul energy is pulling together its two incarnated aspects like magnets. An incredible, unstoppable force is naturally drawing in the two Flames together, at least energetically. This is the "pull". Sometimes it is felt by one at the heart Chakra when the other is sending love vibes, other times it can be felt at the sacral Chakra when the sexual energy becomes stronger.



The purpose of the Twin Flames healing process: finding our way back to Oneness


During our Twin Flames healing and ascension process, our Soul will trigger all the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in low vibrations such as fear, terror, guilt, unworthiness and are experiencing somehow a consciousness of separation.


All I can do is loving you


All I can do is loving you.
And not for who I want you to be or what I want you to do.
But for who you are.


All I can do is respecting you by giving you the space you need,
by granting you all the time you need to grow and evolve the way you want to.


All I can do is supporting your choices and your way of living.
All I can do is supporting you through the challenges and difficult times of your life.
All I can do is love you for who you are and who you are to become.



My Twin Flame's Journey : a Soul integration


The twin flame's journey for me is about integrating my Soul.


It means opening the book of my Journey and let my Soul tell me about its stories, its dramas, its fears, its struggles, its resistances, but also about its skills, its uniqueness, its power, its magnificence, its calling, its mission.


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