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All I can do is loving you


All I can do is loving you.
And not for who I want you to be or what I want you to do.
But for who you are.


All I can do is respecting you by giving you the space you need,
by granting you all the time you need to grow and evolve the way you want to.


All I can do is supporting your choices and your way of living.
All I can do is supporting you through the challenges and difficult times of your life.
All I can do is love you for who you are and who you are to become.



Unconditional Love

Loving unconditionally is allowing the other one to be free.


Free to be themselves, completely and totally.
Free to choose for themselves the life they want to live.
Free to feel whatever feeling they hold in their heart.
Free to explore themselves through the experiences Life has to offer.
Free to go on adventures with the people they want to surround with.
Free to love the person their heart chooses to love.
Free to exist the way they want to exist in the world.