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Twin Souls: Create the space your Union needs

Twin souls: create the space your Union needs


Your Union needs you!
A harmonious Union can only be reached with peace, compassion, understanding, unconditional love and alignment.

Here's some advices to help you maintain a high vibrational energetic state for your Union.

  - Disconnect from the world

From time to time, as often as you feel the need to, try to disconnect from the outside world. From the dramas and stories of others. From the collective energies and turmoil. And refocus your mind, your attention and your energy to your Union only. What is the energy between you like. How can you feel more peace between you. How can you elevate your vibration.

- Clear your space and energy field

On a daily basis, multiple times a day if necessary, clear your energy field from the energy of others, from attacks of any kind, from outside interferences. Clear and shield your energy field. Cut the negative cords from other players obstructing your Union. Protect your aura and seal it. Revoke permission to access it.


- See the higher perspective

Remember the one and unique amazing Soul that you are. Remember the process you're going through. Remember the infinite love that you share. Remember why you are here and what you are accomplishing. Take some time to measure your progress and be grateful for each and every one of them.


- Take the time to heal the aspects in you that are hurt, wounded, terrified, angry.

Allow yourself the precious gift of healing. Allow yourself to forgive yourself and embrace love for yourself, for all that you are. Allow your soul to show you the way. Honor yourself everyday. The more you heal, the better you feel.


- Create a sacred temple within yourself

Spend time at the soul level with your partner. Every day. Create a sacred space where you meet them, touch them and be in each other's arms. Fuel your energy field  and your heart with your soul's light, with your soul's love. Let the love you share enter each cell of your body. Feel it in your body. Feel it in your heart. Dwell in it. Savor it. Be safe in it. Your sacred love is your true home. Stay home for a while.


- Use meditations, music, and poetry.

Allow your heart to sing your love. It's very important for sacred partners to communicate their love. If you can't do it at the 3D level, that's ok. You can always communicate telepathically at the heart chakra level. Let your heart tell your partner what it wishes to say. And sing it ! Meditations and music can help your heart to express itself.


- Create your Union within

Be at peace within with your partner. Feel love and compassion for them. Understand them and what they are going through. Hold space for them as they are growing, expanding and blossoming as you wish they hold space for you. Talk to them with respect, love and kindness. They have done as much work as you have, are exhausted as much as you are, and want the reunion as much as you do. Show them compassion. Forgive, often and with all of your heart.


- Release the pressure of time

The time you need to heal is the time you need. The time they need to heal is the time they need. No rush. No emergency. No pressure. All works in divine timing. Perfectly orchestrated. So try to relax and let things unfold naturally. Every step is important. Every realization is important. Every piece of your puzzle is important and necessary to assure the success of the plan. Don't skip steps out of rush. Instead, enjoy the ride in every moment.

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