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The Twin Flame mirror: a true blessing

The Twin Flames miror -


There comes a time in the process in the twin flame journey when we can be facing the difficult challenge of seeing our beloved counterpart behaving the complete opposite of what we would think they should behave. Some might be involved in another relationship. Be it in a marriage, with their kids and family or maybe even started dating again. Some might be trying to hide from the connection as far as they can, being outrageously busy in building a life of their own,  hundred of miles away. And some others could have clearly expressed their intention to never ever see and be a part of their twin's life again.

Usually, when this happens, the other one feels completely abandoned and rejected by the behavior of their counterpart and this can create lots of sadness, disappointment, despair, anger, and misunderstanding between the pair.
Sometimes, a little perspective on this very unusual relationship that bonds the pair can help us understand the true functionning of the twin flame dynamic. Sometimes taking a step back and seeing the bigger picture can help us get out of our heads, and mostly out of our egos that only know to divide, to separate, to put into boxes, to see things either black or white, and only to repeat old known programs.

Every twin flame journey is unique of course. And what is accurate and true for some  is irrelevant for others. I'm only talking here on a subject I am very familiar with. So if all of this does not resonate with you, please leave it.

The 3D reality can be tough, hard and barely understandable sometimes.
One day, we awoke to a knowing in our hearts that this one particular person is actually another part of our soul. We awoke to this amazing, incredible, intense and well unearthly love. We awoke to the love of our soul. We awoke to the purpose of our lives. We awoke to our universal destiny. And it's only fair that since that moment, we start longing for reunion. A physical reunion that would let our soul experiment pure ecstatic joy while being here on this incarnation. It's only fair that we start craving for this love to be lived and felt through this physical form of ours, in this incarnation.
The soul knows the exquisite bliss that it is. It's encoded deeply within us. And for sure, for many of us, it wants to experience it again!

But we forget that this is a process and that there are some steps before reaching this state of bliss in the physical realm. Some pre-requisite. Almost mandatory. We forget that there is some kind of contract that binds us in order to get there. We forget that our two distinct parts of the soul have been planning this reunion for eons. We forget that we've already started executing this plan long before this incarnation. And we forget that, in this incarnation, we still have some work to do before reaching this state of pure bliss.


I'm one of those who truly believe that the purpose of the twin souls journey, besides helping the planet Earth ascend, is to energetically merge their energy field together in a perfect yin and yang balance within the unit. Like two powerful equal forces that have learned to function in a separate way through the cycle of incarnations and through density and are now relearning to live as one unit again.

I'm one of those who truly believe that we are only one twin soul. And not 3, or 4 or 11. The twin soul, from my knowing and understanding, is the final split coming after and from the monad unit. The split that shares the unique identical soul signature, which is different from the signature of the monad yet quite close, and destined to enter the cycle of incarnations as two polarities, the feminine and the masculine.


The serious work


And in this process of becoming energetically one again, there are steps and stages.
There is some serious work that needs to be done, let's not hide it. Some serious work. Some profound healing work. And that's where our 3D twin's behavior becomes suddenly very instructive, very interesting, very valuable.
That's precisely where their behavior becomes beneficial to our own healing.

Because as you know we are a team. A team. See, we work hand by hand, always. And we have been working hand by hand since the dawn of time. Cause we are never really separated. We are the same energy. Our soul essence is the same. The only thing that separates us is the body form that we took when integrating this life.
We planned this process together. We planned to help each other heal from our deepest traumas. We hired lovely and friendly souls to help challenging us in order to overcome our deepest fears. And we came up with a plan to find our way back to love, to the divine, to source. To find our way back to our own divinity, to our own sacredness, to our own light essence. To our own wholeness.

That's the sacred force of the twin flame relationship. No one in the entire universe will help you more than your twin flame. No one in the entire universe will desire more to see you succeed than your twin soul. No one in the entire universe will love you more than this other part of your soul. No one in the entire universe will agree to play any bad role that would help you the most. No one. And that, my friends, that is unconditional love.


What to see in the mirror ?


So when we are hurt by our counterpart's behavior, we need to go beyond that pain. We need to go beyond the statement of "my twin flame acts like an ass and is a coward." We need to see beyond the surface. We need to see it from a different perspective, from a soul perspective. We need to see it with our third eye. You know our natural eye that sees beyond appearances, beyond the sharp judgement of our egos. We need to see it with our soul.

And that's where the twin flame mirror takes its whole sense. That's where it is useful to know what it is and how to use it to our own benefit, and ultimately to the pair's benefit.
Everything is energy. As twin souls we own a shared energy field that carries all the experiences we went through from the beginning of our split and thus from the beginning of our incarnations, here and elsewhere in the universe. This shared energy field is filled with unresolved traumas that we've been carrying around for eons. Those traumas are parts of ourselves that still live in the separation consciousness. That still vibrate at lower frequencies such as fear, guilt, self punishment, terror, hatred, shame, anger, etc...Those parts of us are not in unity. Therefore becoming whole means claiming those parts again and heal them. Putting them into the light again. Into love. Into unity. Into oneness. That's how we end the separation consciousness. That's how we become one again with all that is, including with our other part of the soul.

So those unhealed parts that we unconsciously carry will resurface during the process of purification. They are ready to be put into healing, to be dealt with, to be seen and understood. And that's where our twin's behavior (and actually basically all the people in our life) is showing us what we still need to heal. What part of us still remain in fear, in hatred, in shame, in guilt, in unworthiness. What part of us needs to be loved, to be accepted, to be understood, to be transcended. Their behavior is acting like a magnifying glass on our traumas. And we can't escape them anymore. We can't hide from them anymore. We can't deny them. Our twin and the universe will conspire for us to stop hiding from our responsibility. From the oath we made to heal those parts. To be whole in unity again. That's the journey we've come to be on. That's what we've signed up for.


The real unconditional love revealed


So instead of blaming our beloved ones, we should thank them for filling up their part of the contract. So look deep. And deeper. Are you still carrying fear around being in a loving relationship with your beloved ? Do you truly feel deserving enough ? Are you resisting the connection out of protection ? Do you forgive yourself for the past mistakes that led your twin soul to experience deep pain ? Do you hold any reason for you not to be with your twin soul ? Is there any unconscious part of you that still feels resentful and angry at your twin past behaviors ? Do you really feel worthy of this love ? And so on...

When we blame and feel hurt, we are actually only looking at a projection of our own creation. We are only seeing what we are deeply fearing the most. We are only seeing what we are deeply convinced we deserve. We are only seeing the same scenario written by our past traumas. And our twin's behavior is only reflecting this back at us. For instance, you see they are not available for you. But are you ? Are you a 100% available and committed to this relationship with  no restriction, no condition, no resistance nor fear ?
Our ego could probably answer right away "yes absolutely"! But in the depth of our soul lies another story...

But we can be assured that our own behavior is actually reflecting something too for our beloved. We are their mirror, showing them where they still carry unresolved traumas, where they still hide in fear, where they still feel unworthy of forgiveness, unworthy of love, etc...
And those behaviors, believe it or not, are a true blessing. At the soul level, always. But also in this physical level, yes. As above so below, right. Never forget they are us. They are helping us heal. And vice versa. So they might not give us what we want right away, but it's for our own highest good!

Every time, we are in a position to blame our twin soul for what we think they are not giving us, we must ask ourselves "what do I need to see here ? ". We must close our 3d eyes that only see separation and start looking with our "third soul eye". To look within ourselves first. What emotion is rising up. When was the last time we felt this way. What story is being replayed here. What part of us needs love, forgiveness, understanding and compassion ?

Then, like a magic charm, we begin to see the whole picture. Or at least a bigger picture. And we understand the role our twin has been playing for us all along. And to be honest, there, you know what unconditional love really means and feels. Where the one who loves you the most is willing to play the bad guy, the terrible person, the villain in your story for your own good, for your own healing, for your own wellness.


Love is a powerful feeling. Well then, we should try unconditional love !! It's barely understandable at this level of consciousness but so much more meaningful. And that is the eternal bond that the twin souls share since dawn, for eternity and beyond !




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