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How to break a repetitive painful cycle ?


How to break a painful cycle and create new ways for a new cycle to start ?


Every time an old cycle comes up again in my life, my ego starts panicking and instantly reminds me all the emotions I felt every time this cycle was on in my life. What I felt, what I thought, what I believe will happen, and what I chose to do to survive it. So my ego is trying to rule the way I handle what is being presented in my life, based on what it did to survive it the last time.



My Twin Flame's Journey : a Soul integration


The twin flame's journey for me is about integrating my Soul.


It means opening the book of my Journey and let my Soul tell me about its stories, its dramas, its fears, its struggles, its resistances, but also about its skills, its uniqueness, its power, its magnificence, its calling, its mission.


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