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My Twin Flame's Journey : a Soul integration

My Twin Flame's Journey is about integrating my Soul


The twin flame's journey for me is about integrating my Soul.


It means opening the book of my Journey and let my Soul tell me about its stories, its dramas, its fears, its struggles, its resistances, but also about its skills, its uniqueness, its power, its magnificence, its calling, its mission.


It's like reading the book of my whole existence from my Soul's perspective. And I can't wait to read another chapter. Because each chapter is a piece of my existence's puzzle, allowing me to see, to understand, to connect the dots and to heal.


My Soul is on a healing path. A Sacred one.

Two aspects of my Soul are currently incarnated at the same time/space/dimension and are journeying together to merge into oneness again.

My soul exists in two bodies and had existed this way for a long period of time, on this planet. So many adventures, so many lifetimes, so many stories. And I am in such awe and humility when I get to witness my soul sharing these stories.


The other aspect of my Soul and I have met along the way in some of those lifetimes. Such a great blessing for us to be able to meet and find each other in the density.

Each time I get to travel to those lifetimes, I feel our love so deeply. And each time, my heart breaks when I witness and feel all the times we had to physically be separated. For whatever reason. And it happened each time, causing us great sorrow, pain and despair.


But time after time, with great compassion, understanding, love and determination, I bridge the gap of separation. Time after time, I reconnect those lost aspects of ourselves together. Time after time, I clear the distance between those parts of us that got lost in the separation consciousness. And time after time, I merge those energies into oneness again. Because that's what my Soul needs. That's its sacred healing journey. Gathering those lost parts and reintegrating them into the greater and higher Light that we are.


Healing is one of my Soul's calling. Soul healing. And I understand why.
I had to go find each piece of myself in so many places to reintegrate them in the Unity of our Being. I had to clear so many resistances, fears and terrors. I had to embrace each story, each emotion, each belief. Because they all taught me something. They all served a purpose. They were all pieces of my puzzle.


Of course my puzzle is not finished yet and maybe won't ever be.
But connecting those pieces and putting them back into love has made me more humble, more compassionate, more connected, more divine. It opened my heart to a deeper level of love, of compassion.


I am one Soul, on its way to merge its two aspects in higher Love and Peace.


I am One.





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