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The purpose of the Twin Flames healing process: finding our way back to Oneness


During our Twin Flames healing and ascension process, our Soul will trigger all the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in low vibrations such as fear, terror, guilt, unworthiness and are experiencing somehow a consciousness of separation.


My Twin Flame's Journey : a Soul integration


The twin flame's journey for me is about integrating my Soul.


It means opening the book of my Journey and let my Soul tell me about its stories, its dramas, its fears, its struggles, its resistances, but also about its skills, its uniqueness, its power, its magnificence, its calling, its mission.



What is healing ?

There is a misconception of what exactly is healing.

In our modern societies, healing means cure. It has a lot to do with the outcome. The end of physical or emotional pain usually obtained through medication. That is a delusion. Because curing the symptom does not cure the cause. Medication can only help so far. It sure does help the symptom to go away, but it does not erase, release, nor transform the pain and block that causes the symptom in the first place.


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