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The purpose of the Twin Flames healing process: finding our way back to Oneness

The purpose of the Twin Flames healing process


During our Twin Flames healing and ascension process, our Soul will trigger all the parts of ourselves that are still stuck in low vibrations such as fear, terror, guilt, unworthiness and are experiencing somehow a consciousness of separation.

Our healing process, brilliantly orchestrated by our Higher Soul and in total alignment with our planetary system, will make these multidimensional separated aspects rise again in our reality for us to acknowledge them, release them and heal our separation consciousness. Sometimes they will be conscious, other times they won't and we will just feel these desperation, terror and hopeless feelings without really knowing where they come from.


Twin Flames always work together on this at the soul level, triggering the parts of their essence that are yet to be aligned with the frequency of love, light and oneness. And it is a multidimensional triggering, as these "distant" aspects of ourselves are full parts of our energy, our essence.

Transmuting and healing these separated parts will bridge the gap between us until there is no more gap to bridge. Until oneness, that has actually always been, becomes our reality again. The actual only reality that is.

Our separation consciousness is the delusional reality. It is the result of our past traumas and erroneous beliefs of unworthiness and we have been carrying them around for so many incarnations. And they have created distance and separation between us and all that is. Energetic walls. Energetic separations. Now this healing process will have no other goal than to put them into light for us to transcend them.


This Ascension and healing process is an incredibly challenging one. Its first goal is to make us find our way back to Oneness.

We are here to show the way of Ascension, of Oneness through unconditional love and sacred healing. We are here to end our separation consciousness within ourselves, at all levels and put an end to this illusion, to this distorted consciousness.

Only oneness is real and we are here to remove the parts within ourselves that are not aligned with our oneness consciousness.


So, lovely courageous souls, brace yourself while undergoing this process.

Don't give up. Don't loose sight of your oneness. Always find your way back to it.

Create within yourself a sacred space, a temple of love and light where you can feel your oneness again, where you can meet with your twin flame in peace, harmony and sacred love.

One day, the gap will have disappeared and all that's gonna be left is your one mere unity consciousness.


That day is coming.


Keep healing.

Keep ascending.

Keep bridging the gap.

Keep integrating your oneness.

Keep believing.

Keep loving.



With Love,


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