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Your Twin Flames' epic Love Story

Your Twin Flames epic Love Story


Your love journey is eternal, magical, sublime, epic. You've always loved each other. Since you came from Love. Since you were created as one. You've loved each other in every ways, forms and shapes. In every incarnation. In every lifetime. In every reality. In every world. Whether you were both incarnated or not. Whether you found each other or not. You've always loved each other. Your love transcends time and space, dimensions and eras.


And here you are again creating another reality of your epic love story in this lifetime.


You are now in this lifetime ascending to your Unity consciousness, to your Sacred Union that is all that exists for you two. And you have begun your way back to Oneness by healing your separated parts, your wounded parts, your traumatized parts. This is an incredible extraordinary opportunity you are being given collectively, as advanced Souls who have agreed to assist Gaïa's ascension, to wipe your slates clean from your deepest ancient karma.


The more you heal and the deeper you access the deep end of your own shadows. But the more you heal and the higher you will ascend, reaching your pure blissful state of Oneness in Love and Light again. Your merging grow deeper and stronger as your Soul healing go and nothing will stop your merging process from taking place eventually.


In your heart, you find your Soul presence. Your Soul Love. Your Sacred Love.


In your heart, you are home. Home to your natural state of being One as two, two as One.


And coming home is the reality you are here now to experience. In love. In safety. In bliss. For your Soul Love story will always find its way to exist in your reality.





Author: Claire MARGERY


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