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On the way to your spiritual healing journey, I will assist and help you reconnect with the great power of your Soul, with its radiance and its gifts.


What are the wonderful divine qualities that your Soul has come to embody on our beautiful Earth?


How to connect to the power of Light of  to access its infinite ressources and transform your life to know deep fulfilment ?


How to learn to remove and transform the main blockages, sabotages, negative attachments, obstructions, old past life traumas and other resistances preventing you from expressing your true Soul Light in all aspects of your life?

My approach is holistic, benevolent and deep. In collaboration with your angelic clan and my guides, I access deeper levels of your Being to help you open your own unique portals of your Soul's abundance, release current blockages in order to help you realign with your soul mission, richness, power and gits.



On their specific healing path, I accompany Twin Flames during their individual purification process to help them release their negative karma, the hidden resistances and other Soul's challenges, the self sabotages getting in the way of Reunion, the vows and polluting energetic cords obstructing the connection, and many other things to help them clear their seperation consciousness and put them in their highest path.


"What does your Soul need ? How can help her ? What pains, blocks and hidden traumas are currently impacting your well being and preventing you from expressing your true divine nature in alignment with your Soul purpose ?"


Reconnecting to your Soul is a highly transformative process that allows you to open you up to the numerous innate richnesses and infinite ressources waiting to be revealed and shared with the world. Knowing your Soul, its strengths, its gifts but also its weaknesses and recurring painful difficulties is extremely valuable to move toward your deep fulfilment path and spiritual awakening. Then opens us a a field of infinite ressources, magic, wonders and sacred presence constantly at your reach and that transforms your life day after day.


Claire Margery

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Embody the sacred presence of your divine essence of Light and radiate your power and Soul magic in all aspects of your Life!